JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corporation implements and advances various measures to raise employees' awareness and understanding with respect to laws and regulations. Such measures include the performance of self-assessments by employees, in-house training, and the distribution of "Group Philosophy" cards.


ENEOS Group's compliance policy sets out that all directors and employees will at all times comply with relevant laws and regulations and maintain high ethical standards. JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration (NOEX), as a member of ENEOS Group, takes on this policy as its own and remains committed to conducting its business in a transparent, fair and trustworthy manner at all times.
In addition, to ensure its full compliance, NOEX sets the following basic principles for compliance and executes all activities systematically and methodically in accordance with them.

1. Commitment by the President

The President of NOEX regularly reinforces his commitment to ensure compliance and NOEX will abide by all relevant laws and regulations in every aspect of its business activities.

2. Regulatory Reviews

As a company, we pay close attention to changing laws and regulations governing our activities. When changes occur, they are reviewed and associated non-compliance risks are carefully assessed.

3. Internal System Reviews

Based on the risks assessed, our internal regulations are maintained and implemented to keep our compliance program working effectively.

4. Annual Inspection Program

All of our employees around the globe are involved in the annual legal compliance inspection program, in which employees check whether their business activities remain in line with current laws and regulations and make sure there are no violations or potential violations. Should any problems be found, corrective actions are immediately taken.

5. Training and Notification

Employees are periodically put through compliance training courses. If any new or changed regulation has been put in place, internally or externally, a notification of that change is provided throughout the company.

6. Disciplinary Action

Should any director or employee commit a violation, that person will be subject to disciplinary action as set out in the relevant laws and regulations, and/or under our company's internal regulations.

7. Compliance Hotline

Our whistle-blowing hotline establishes both internal and external contact points that allow employees to report any illegal or potentially illegal actions they are aware of and ensure steps are taken to prevent and correct these. All reports are investigated and if any violations (or potential violations) are found, corrective action is promptly taken. Reports to the compliance hotline are treated as confidential. The company assures that no disadvantageous action will be taken against employees for making reports in good faith.

The outcomes of these activities are regularly reported to our Compliance and CSR Committees, made up of directors and general managers, to shape our future compliance programs.