Respect for Human Rights / Diversity & Inclusion

Human Rights Awareness

We promote human rights awareness as an important business company of the ENEOS Group. We ensure that human rights awareness is a line item on all personnel training programs, and provide lectures, e-learning coursework and information on TV programs on the subject of human rights. We also established basic policies for workplace harassment in 2013.

We will continue to review and update our internal policies in line with these important principles and remain committed to the active promotion and protection of human rights.

Diversity and Inclusion

We share the following top message regarding the promotion of Diversity and Inclusion within the company and are actively working on it.

~Promoting Diversity and Inclusion as one of our strengths~

ENEOS Group has positioned the promotion of Diversity and Inclusion as one of its key management strategies.
As a company that conducts business activities with a wide range of people in various parts of the world, Diversity and Inclusion for us is not something special, but rather something natural and indispensable, but in fact it is a challenge that is difficult to achieve without active awareness.
Our goal is that we achieve results by generating greater power from integrated diverse strengths of the diverse individuals who work for our company. This can be realized when each individual, regardless of THEIR circumstances, recognizes each other, makes the most of THEIR strengths, and develops and maximizes THEIR abilities. This is the Diversity and Inclusion that we aim for.
We will continue steadily and vigorously to promote Diversity and Inclusion as one of our strengths.

We will continue to promote initiatives that make Diversity and Inclusion our strength based on this strategy.

Advancement of women in the workplace

We are developing working environments that allow employees to balance their work and home/family life through various measures to promote diversity. Such measures include promoting women's participation.

As part of this, we established the "NOEX Action Plan for Promoting Women's Participation" based on the Act on the Promotion of Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace. We did this to promote women's participation and establish an environment in which all employees can display their abilities to the fullest.

We are implementing and improving personnel systems and workplace environments in line with this action plan so everyone can succeed, regardless of their sex.

JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corporation's Action Plan for Promoting Women's Participation

Implementation period: April 1, 2016, to March 31, 2021


  1. 1.Maintain a 15% share of female workers among all hired workers
  2. 2.Develop a workplace culture in which both male and female can contribute to their workplaces and families/homes


  1. 1.Actively inform job seekers that there are areas in the oil exploration & development business where male and female can work without discrimination.
    • Highlight the fact that NOEX appoints energetic employees regardless of their sex to female job seekers in recruitment advertising. (FY2016-FY2020)
    • Continue to make hiring choices based on shared criteria, regardless of sex. (FY2016-FY2020)
  2. 2.Support employees' career development and maintain environments in which they can demonstrate their abilities to the fullest, regardless of their sex.
    • Support career development in accordance with human resources development programs, regardless of sex. (FY2016-FY2020)
    • Reduce and eliminate thinking that supports divisions of labor based on gender roles through human rights awareness training, etc. (FY2016-FY2020)
  3. 3.Support career continuation by establishing environments that facilitate balancing of work with family/home life.
    • Improve the "career continuation leave system" and "post-nursing care retirement rehiring system" and develop systems that make it easier for employees to continue their careers, regardless of their sex, that are in addition to existing childcare/nursing care leave schemes. (FY2016-FY2020)
    • Promote efficient ways of working that do not result in long working hours, regardless of sex. (FY2016-FY2020)

Women's Participation in NOEX

Share of female workers among all hired workers
  Total Regular employees Contract employees
FY2018 33.3% 18.8% 80.0%
FY2019 35.7% 25.0% 100.0%
Overtime hours and paid leave utilization rate (all employees)
  Average overtime hours Paid leave utilization rate
FY2019 14 hours/month 77%