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President and CEO Hiroshi Hosoi President and CEO Hiroshi Hosoi

We, JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration, have engaged in oil and natural gas exploration and production (E&P) business with oil and gas-producing countries across the world as a member of the ENEOS Group, whose mission to society is to provide stable energy, resources and materials.

Oil and natural gas are expected to see continuing robust demand, particularly in Asia, as key energies supporting society and people's daily lives. However, the business environment surrounding us is changing greatly, as the conversion toward a low-carbon and recycling based society is accelerating against the backdrop of global warming.

As an important business company of the ENEOS Group, we will build a solid business foundation within this environment by maximizing our asset value with focus on existing businesses in Malaysia and Vietnam, where we have continued to achieve safe and stable operations as an operator for many years, and by pursuing strategy of selection and concentration.

Above all, we will further reinforce natural gas, a business that is expected to enjoy growing demand but which has a comparatively low environmental impact.

Moreover, we intend to help realize a global low-carbon society. We will proceed the Petra Nova CCUS project in the United States, which we position as a growth business, as an initiative to simultaneously achieve E&P business development and lower CO2 emissions. And we will utilize the CCS/CCUS technologies we obtain through this project to spread the foundation for environment-friendly E&P business particularly in Southeast Asia, where we have know-how.

While steadily promoting these policies, which have their roots in our E&P business, we will continue striving to maintain stable energy supply and to achieve environment-friendly society without fear of change.

President and CEO
Hiroshi Hosoi

Hiroshi Hosoi Hiroshi Hosoi