With the goal of sustainable development of valuable oil and natural gas resources, we fulfill our corporate social responsibility (CSR) by meeting the expectations of our stakeholders with respect to ESG (environment, society, and governance).

Officers and employees will always comply with laws and regulations and maintain "high ethical standards." We remain committed, on the premise of compliance, to conducting oil and gas development business in an open and fair manner to prove worthy of social trust.

With consideration for HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) as our foremost priority, on a company-wide basis, we commit ourselves to safety and good health for every one including our employees, contractors and community people as well, also engaging ourselves to preventing workplace accidents and injuries as well as reducing environmental impact.

In the various regions where we do business, both at home and abroad, we are engaged in community-based outreach in ways that include providing financial backing for construction of schools and other educational infrastructure, donating to community services and events, and doing volunteer work.

Promoting human rights awareness, we are also implementing various measures and policies for diversity and inclusion, i.e. acceptance of differences in every single employee (such as age, gender, nationality, thought, family or personal circumstances, etc.) to create value and continue to grow as a company.

In order to achieve corporate growth, encouraging the improvement of a consistent system for human resource development, through driving forward the work-life management, we aim to be an organization that is capable of enhancing each employee's motivation and creativity and of maximizing their abilities as well.

From the perspective of ESG, it is expected that value creation by companies to resolve various social issues. We will proactively work on this as an oil and gas development enterprise, and contribute to realization of a sustainable society that the UN's SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals, reach for.