Human Resources Development / Work-Life Management

Human Resources Development

We see the development of human resources who possess a creative and innovative spirit and who can succeed on the global stage to be an important management challenge for achieving our growth strategy in a rapidly changing business environment. In light of this, we are developing a human resources development scheme that remains consistent throughout the phases of recruitment, assignment, evaluation, advancement, and education.
As part of this, we established a "Human Resources Development and Training Policy" in 2010 and rearranged our training courses based on it. To ensure its effectiveness, we set up a management committee that allows management to monitor and continuously improve the implementation of our human resources development program.

ENEOS Group-wide Initiatives

  1. 1.Training of Group management candidates

    We develop candidates for future Group management positions through rank-specific selection and training.

  2. 2.Promoting measures linked to "work-style reform"

    We are actively promoting various measures linked to "work-style reform" to prepare the groundwork for effectively developing diverse human resources.

Initiatives by JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration

  1. 1.Rank-specific and other training

    We provide rank-specific training as well as training to develop core personnel.

  2. 2.Overseas dispatches of young employees

    We send employees--and particularly young employees who have been with us for only a few years--to overseas branch offices for between three and six months with set core assignments. This allows them to learn about the actual practices of the E&P (oil exploration and production) business and to contribute to local operations.

  3. 3.Career development interviews

    We conduct interviews at career milestones to match employees' hopes with the needs of the company and enhance the medium- to-long-term effectiveness of career development. We also provide company-based support to individual employees as they take on the challenges of "becoming who they want to be."

  4. 4.Employee education programs

    Throughout the year, we provide 12 programs aimed primarily at young employees to help them acquire knowledge of E&P business-related technologies, contracts, economic efficiency calculation, and other topics. In-house instructors lead classes using teaching materials they craft on their own.

Policies to Support Raising of the Next-Generation

Our Policies to Support Raising the Next-Generation are designed to ensure our staff experience no workplace discrimination before or after becoming new parents, and are able to enjoy career security and a good balance between work and family life.
In April 2020 we renewed our action plan in line with the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children, which we will continue to implement progressively.
We will continue developing personnel systems and workplace environments in line with this plan to allow employees to work during pregnancy, childbirth, and child-rearing with peace of mind.

JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corporation Employer's Action Plan No. 5*

Implementation period: April 1, 2020 to Monday, March 31, 2025


  1. 1.Maintaining Career Security for New Parents

    We are committed to supporting employees as they go through the big event of having and raising their children. We are working to implement personnel systems designed to help new parents keep their careers and cope with the demands of juggling childcare and work.

    <Specific measures>
    Parental support systems that will continue to be studied, developed, or publicized beyond April 2020 include those to assist

    • Employees supporting their partners during pregnancy and childbirth
    • Employees working flexibly during pregnancy and early childcare
    • Employees sharing childcare with their partners while maintaining their careers
    • Sufficient consideration given to the childcare environment for working couples
    • A working system with a high degree of freedom in terms of time and space that supports work-life balance, etc.
  2. 2.Creating Supportive Working Environments for Parents

    Our aim is to ensure the working environment where employees feel secure in continuing their career and positively experience being working parents for which support from society as well as in the workplace is essential.

    <Specific measures>
    We promote good use of the company's parental support systems by

    • Ensuring the support available is clearly communicated to employees through the company intranet
    • Promoting understanding among management and employees about their colleagues' parental responsibilities
    • Working to reduce or avoid long working hours

  • The first to fourth action plans were concluded by March 2020.