Papua New Guinea

In Papua New Guinea we have been producing crude in the mountain area. We also have participated in PNG LNG project since its planning stage, and commenced LNG shipping in May 2014. The LNG production capacity is 8.3 million tons per annum. As the third project following Tiga (Malyasi) and Tangguh (Indonesia), PNG LNG project contributes to ensure stable production and earnings over the long term.

PNG Oil Fields

Since 1990, we have participated in exploration, development, and production of oil fields Kutubu, Moran, etc. In 2008 our oil field interests has increased through acquisition of interests owned by AGL. Many Papua New Guinean crude fields are located in mountain area with small- or medium-scaled, that makes various works challenging. We are still actively executing development work to secure production.

Project Summary

Kutubu, Moran, and Other FieldsDevelopmentProduction

Project Company Merlin Petroleum Company
Shareholders (Shareholding Percentages) Japan Papua New Guinea Petroleum Company
(NOEX contribution: 98.4%) 40.7%
(NOEX contribution: 100%) 38.9%
Marubeni Corporation 20.4%
Interest 8.3%-73.5%
Partners Oil Search*
Kumul Petroleum
Net Production 3,000 BOED
  • Operator

Kutubu, Moran, and Other Fields Project History

December 2008 Acquired oil field interests from AGL
September 2002 Started production at Moran oil field
April 1998 Started production at SE Gobe oil field
March 1998 Started production at Gobe oil field
June 1992 Started production at Kutubu oil field
July 1990 Acquired interests in various onshore blocks through purchase of shares (100%) of Merlin Petroleum Company

PNG LNG Project

This project is to produce gas in Hides, Juha, and Angore fields, with additional gas in Kutubu, Moran, and Gobe crude fields. Produced gas is transported to the LNG plant located near the capital Port Moresby, via 300km onshore pipeline and 400km offshore pipeline. The gas is liquified to LNG at the plant and shipped out. 40% of its sales contracts are for Japan.

Project Summary

PNG LNG ProjectDevelopmentProduction

Project Company Nippon Papua New Guinea LNG LLC
Shareholders (Shareholding Percentages) Merlin Petroleum Company 100.0%
Interest 4.7%
Partners ExxonMobil*
Oil Search
Kumul Petroleum
Net Production 9,600 BOED
  • Operator

Project History

April 2014 Started LNG production at PNG LNG project
December 2009 Final Investment Decision for PNG LNG Project
March 2008 Signed joint venture agreement for PNG LNG Project