Policies on Support Raising Next-Generation Children

Our Policies on Support Raising Next-Generation Children are designed to ensure our staff experience no workplace discrimination before or after becoming new parents, and are able to enjoy career security and a good balance between work and family life.
In April 2015 we renewed our action plan in line with the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children, which we will continue to implement progressively.

JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corporation Employer's Action Plan No. 4

(Implementation period: April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2020)

Objective 1: Maintaining Career Security for New Parents

We are committed to supporting both male and female employees as they go through the big event of having and raising their children. We are working to implement systems designed to help new parents keep their careers and cope with the demands of juggling childcare and work.

  • Parental support systems currently being implemented or under consideration, which are to be continued beyond April 2015, include those to assist:
    • Female employees working abroad going through pregnancy and childbirth;
    • Male employees supporting their spouses during pregnancy and childbirth;
    • Employees working flexibly during pregnancy and early childcare;
    • Employees sharing childcare with their spouses while maintaining their careers; and
    • Sufficient consideration given to the childcare environment for working couples.
  • Updates to these systems and policies will be notified within the company as they are implemented or revised.

Objective 2: Supportive Working Environments for Parents

Our aim is to ensure the working environment where employees feel secure in continuing their career and positively experience being working parents for which support from the society as well as in the workplace is essential.

  • We promote good use of the company's parental support systems by:
    • Ensuring the support available is clearly communicated to employees through the company intranet;
    • Promoting understanding among management and employees about their colleagues' parental responsibilities; and
    • Working to reduce or avoid long working hours;
    • Ensuring that necessary information is shared between employees on maternity or childcare leave and their supervisors.