HSE Management System

HSE Management System

Oil & gas exploration and production activities progress in four stages: exploration, development, production and abandonment. Each stage involves the risk of accident, injury, illness, and impacts on the environment.
JX Nippon gives top priority to managing risks related to health, safety and environment (HSE). We have in place an HSE risk management system (HSE-MS) based on internationally recognized standards such as ISO14001※1 and OHSAS18001※2. We are continously working to improve our HSE-MS and apply it across the entire organization, from JX Nippon headquarters(HQ) in Tokyo to each office and operational site.

Our corporate HSE committee at Tokyo HQ is made up of senior management and led by our President and CEO, Mr Shunsaku Miyake. Every branch office that manages oil and gas field operations has its own HSE committee, headed by a representative of each branch office.

To ensure the effective implementation and the continual improvement of the HSE-MS at each branch office, we have a number of policy integration processes in place, including:

  • Setting annual corporate HSE objectives and targets;
  • Conducting an annual corporate emergency response exercise between HQ and each branch office;
  • Conducting an annual HSE audit of each branch office by HQ;
  • Reporting and circulating HSE performance statistics and incident reports within the organization and discussing lessons learnt from each incident;
  • Conducting an annual corporate HSE meeting with HSE and/or operations representatives from each branch office to discuss recent HSE performance in detail.

Our system is being progressively assessed by accredited organizations for ISO14001. In 2007, our branch offices in Malaysia and Vietnam obtained ISO14001 certification , which has been maintained up to today.

ISO14001 Certificate for Helang gas field operations in Malaysia

ISO14001 Certificate for Helang gas field operations in Malaysia

ISO14001 Certificate for Rang Dong oil field operations in Vetnam

ISO14001 Certificate for Rang Dong oil field operations in Vetnam


※1Environmental Management Systems Specification with Guidance for Use

※2Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Specification

Emergency and Oil Spill Response

JX Nippon has in place a corporate emergency response plan and structure based on site-specific emergency status, and an oil spill response plan. Under the plans our response is organized in a tiered structure comprising the accident site, the operation site office, and the company headquarters. Depending on the level of the emergency, the necessary organizations and resources are mobilized at each tier to minimize the impact on human life, the environment, and assets. The plans are regularly updated and tested for effectiveness.

Emergency response exercises are performed internally and together with relevant emergency services providers, and improvements to the plans are made as necessary. To be able to promptly respond to a major oil spill, we utilize an industry mutual aid organization in Malaysia, and have engaged industry-recognized oil spill response service providers in other countries.

Emergency response exercise in branch officeEmergency response exercise in branch office

Offshore firefighting drill at Helang Gas Field.Offshore firefighting drill at Helang Gas Field.