Corporate Profile

Nippon Oil Exploration Limited

Company History

1990 November Malaysia: Discovered Helang gas field in Block SK10
  December US: Acquired interest in Orchard North gas field
1991 June Established Nippon Oil Exploration (Asia) Limited
1992 February Canada: Acquired interest in Syncrude project
  June Papua New Guinea: Started production at Kutubu oil field
  December Myanmar: Discovered Yetagun gas field in Block M-12/13/14
1992-94 Malaysia: Discovered Jintan gas field and Serai gas field in Block SK8
1994 January UK: Acquired interests in multiple licences from Petrofina
  June Vietnam: Discovered Rang Dong oil field in Block 15-2
1996 December UK: Acquired interest in Magnus field
1997 February Indonesia: Discovered Vorwata gas field in Berau Block
  November Changed trade name to Nippon Oil Exploration Limited
1998 June Australia: Discovered Mutineer oil field in Block WA-26-L (subsequently discovered Exeter oil field in adjoining Block WA-27-L)
  August Vietnam: Started production at the Rang Dong oil field
2000 May Myanmar: Started production at Yetagun gas field
2002 August UK: Acquired interests in Brae fields
2003 November Malaysia: Started production at Helang gas field
2004 June
Malaysia: Started production at Serai gas field and Jintan gas field
2005 March Japan: Acquired shares held by the former Japan National Oil Corporation in four project companies: (NOEX (Malaysia), NOEX (Sarawak), JVPC, NOEX (Dampier))
  March Australia: Started production at Mutineer-Exeter oil field
  April US: Acquired various assets from Devon
  June Vietnam: Rang Dong oil field reached cumulative oil production of 100 million barrels
  September UK: Acquired interests in Blocks 16/3d, 210/18, 210/19a and 210/20a
  December Libya: Acquired interests in Blocks 2-1/2 and 40-3/4
2006 February Vietnam: Rang Dong oil field associated gas recovery and utilization project was registered as a CDM Project under the Kyoto Protocol (CERs issued in February 2008)
  March Papua New Guinea: Started production at SE Mananda oil field
2007 February UK: Acquired interests in Blocks 15/23c, 15/24a, 15/28a, 15/29e, 22/25c, 30/3b
  May US: Acquired K2 assets from Anadarko
  September UK: Started production at Blane oil fields
  November Vietnam: Acquired Block 16-2, offshore Southern Vietnam
  December Malaysia: Acquired Block SK333, onshore Sarawak
  December Thailand: Acquired Block B6/27, offshore Thailand
2008 March Papua New Guinea: Signed joint venture agreement for LNG project
  April Malaysia: Acquired Block PM308A offshore Malay Peninsula
  April US: Discovered natural gas in Block WC 552
  July Japan: Acquired MOC Exploration (UK) Limited shares held by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan
  July Vietnam: Rang Dong oil field reached the cumulative oil production 150 million barrels
  September Vietnam: Started production at Phuong Dong oil field
  December Papua New Guinea: Acquired LNG project and oil field equity assets from AGL Energy
2009 January Papua New Guinea: Acquired Block PPL219, PPL 239 (onshore), PPL234, PPL244 (offshore)
  January UK: Gas discovery in Culzean prospect in Block 22/25a in the North Sea.
  April UK: Started production at West Don oil field
  June Indonesia: Started production at Tangguh project.