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Omonogawa gusherOmonogawa gusher

In 1905 Fusanosuke Kuhara, the founder of Nippon Mining Holdings Inc, started a nonferrous metal mining business by acquiring a small copper mine in Hitachi, Japan.

In 1914 he began exploring domestic oil and soon expanded his oil and gas exploration overseas to Texas (US), Sakhalin (Russia), Borneo, Taiwan, Burma, and Java. Major successes included gas discoveries in Taiwan and the acquisition of petroleum rights in onshore Sakhalin, which later led to oil discoveries in North Sakhalin via an anonymous joint venture with Mitsui, Mitsubishi, and Nippon Oil.

In 1933 the company drilled an oil discovery well in northern Japan. This was followed by the 1935 drilling of the Omonogawa gusher that spewed 6,000 barrels of oil and 30 million cubic feet of gas daily. The company employed the latest technology of the time – gravitational and seismic surveys – to delineate the structure of this field, which became the largest onshore oilfield in Japan.

The big oil strike in Omonogawa prompted the acquisition of an oil refinery at nearby Funakawa, which launched Japan Energy's downstream oil operation.

In 1942, during World War II, all the company's Japanese upstream operations were merged into national oil company Teikoku Oil, while all overseas assets were lost through the surrender.

It was not until 1949 that the company resumed its upstream business in northern Japan and finally discovered one of the largest gas fields in Japan at Nakajo, which has now been producing gas for almost half a century.

Gas (Non-Associated) Discovery Well "Nakajo NK-1" Gas (Non-Associated) Discovery Well
"Nakajo NK-1"

Gas (Dissolved in Water) Discovery Well "Nakajo R-1"Gas (Dissolved in Water) Discovery Well
"Nakajo R-1"

Today the company's activities have spread worldwide, including offshore Abu Dhabi (first oil 1973), offshore Abu Dhabi-Qatar border (commencement of second recovery 1984), offshore China (production 1993 to 2009) and onshore Papua New Guinea (first oil 1998).

Offshore Production Facilities, Middle EastOffshore Production Facilities, Middle East

Exploration in Papua New GuineaExploration in Papua New Guinea

In April 2008 Japan Energy E&P Malaysia Co Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Japan Energy Corporation, signed a production-sharing contract with Malaysian state-owned PETRONAS for the PM308A offshore exploration block in the Penyu Basin east of Peninsular Malaysia.
Another wholly-owned subsidiary of Japan Energy Corporation, Japan Energy E&P Australia Pty Ltd, was established in Australia, and commenced works for WA-412-P, located 150 kilometers offshore to the northeast of Western Australia.