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Project Summary:Bunduq Project - El-Bunduq Oil Field

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The El-Bunduq oil field straddles on the maritime territory of United Arab Emirates and the State of Qatar. The field was discovered in 1965 by the Abu Dhabi Marine Area, and is operated by Bunduq Company Ltd. The crude oil produced from the field is exported under the name of Das Blend.

JV Participants and Interests

Project Company: United Petroleum Development Co., Ltd. (Japan)
(◎Bunduq Company Limited)
Shareholders: JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corporation (45%)
Cosmo Energy Exploration & Production Co., Ltd. (45%)
Mitsui Oil Exploration Co., Ltd. (10%)
Project Status: Production
Interest: 100%

Project History

April 2006 Commenced associated sour gas injection in order to conserve hydrocarbon resources, protect the environment and improve oil recovery
November 1983 Resumed oil production by a secondary recovery scheme using water injection
July 1979 Suspended oil production due to significant rise of the gas-oil ratio
November 1975 Commenced production from El-Bunduq Oil Field
December 1970 Acquired working interest of El-Bunduq Oil Field from BP