Business Activities


NOEX is a partner in The Syncrude Project, which produces synthetic crude oil from oil sand. Oil sand contains bitumen and is found in huge deposits in Canada.

Project Summary:Syncrude Project

JV Participants and Interests

Company Holding the Interest Japan Canada Oil / Mocal Energy
Shareholders (Shareholding Percentages) JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corporation (100%)
Project Status Development/Production
Interest 5.0%
Partners* (Interest) Suncor Energy Inc. (53.74%)
Imperial Oil Resources (25.00%)
Sinopec (9.03%)
Nexen (7.23%)
Net Production 12,400 BOE(Average daily production in 2017)

*Note: Unlike other NOEX projects, the project is operated by Syncrude Canada, an operating company that the partners established based on their interests in the project.

Long-term Production of Synthetic Crude

Oil Sand Deposits in Canada Assure Long-term Production

Canada is home to immense oil sand deposits, mainly in the province of Alberta. It is estimated that around 165 billion barrels of the asphalt-like oil bitumen can be ultimately recovered using currently available technology. The Syncrude Project has secured sufficient oil sand deposits, from which it can produce synthetic crude oil, to facilitate the long and stable operation of this project.

Synthetic Crude Oil Production

Features of the Synthetic Crude Oil Production

Syncrude extracts bitumen from oil sands taken from open-pit mines. The bitumen is then processed into synthetic crude oil by cracking and sweetening it via upgrading facilities, a process quite different from conventional crude oil production. The synthetic crude oil is then delivered to customers through pipelines. Synthetic crude is used as a feedstock for refineries and processed into petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel oil and jet fuel. Current Syncrude crude oil production capacity is 350,000 barrels a day.

Project History

Japan Canada Oil / Mocal Energy

2006 May Completed "Stage 3 of the Syncrude 21" expansion program (production capacity 350,000 BD)
2006 January Started "Syncrude 21" expansion program
1992 February Acquired interest in Syncrude project